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jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Tips for traveling the Colombian Amazon

Click on image to ampliarlaNavegando in the Colombian Amazon.
Navigating the Colombian Amazon / Photo: Carlos Sueskún .

It is important to wear comfortable clothes, preferably cotton and light colors. It is feasible to attract more insects using dark tones.
The rubber boots are recommended for guided forest walks.
Indispensable wear long sleeve shirts to avoid insect bites .
It is essential to wear special pants jungle expeditions , made ​​with quick-drying materials .
During walks and boat trips is important to protect your head with a hat and wear sunglasses .
It is advisable to wear waterproof , especially in the rainy season .

Are recommended analgesics and antihistamines to soothe headaches and discomfort caused by constant exposure to the sun and insect bites.
During tours of the permanent forest fluid intake is important.
It is essential vaccinated 10 days before the trip against yellow fever and tetanus .
Is essential to ensure consume fluids prepared with potable water.

The use of sunscreen is a must.
We recommend applying insect repellent permanently .
For hiking through the jungle , it should be accompanied by expert guides .
During visits to reserves and indigenous communities is essential to respect the beliefs and seek permission to take pictures or videos.
Caring for and preserving nature and avoid carrying items that may contaminate .
Moisture can affect the performance of electrical equipment. It is advisable to keep them in sealed plastic bags to prevent spoilage .
In remote locations and some guards service light is restricted.
Avoid collecting samples of fauna and flora.